Something to Know

About the Header

The classic Chicago Skyline seen in the header was originally taken during a night game from Comiskey Park back in 2009. The purple-ish background is a result of the lights of the city bouncing off the clouds overhead. The camera on display is the Nikon D80. The same camera that is currently used for all events and stock photography. The sexy bartender in the filmstrip works at a famous nightclub in the Western Suburbs. Those photos were taken during a shoot to feature the bartender in a local magazine.

About the Equipment

The Nikon D80 is a Digital SLR 10.2 MP camera that was available for a few years until the D90 came around to take its place. The camera is perfect for this line of work because its heavy enough to give you some balance with its solid one-handed grip, able to connect a wide array of lenses, and many functions that can be used to flip from one setting to the next in a snap on those really busy days.

About the Website

This site is one of many created and maintained by Network XXIII. The primary purpose of which is to host the photos and image galleries of events that may not displayed elsewhere. There will be new image galleries added as events become available.

About the Image Gallery

All the photos on this site are available for download for your own personal use unless stated otherwise. The frame or watermark that is found on the individual photos are in place so people know where the photos come from. If you are looking for a photo or ten to be posted on your website or used elsewhere, the please use our Contact Form to get in touch.

About the Coverage

For those of you who have a party coming up and need event coverage, then you have come to the right place. Our process is very simple... show up, take photos, review and burn photos to Archive CD, include an Index Book, turn over everything to client, and enjoy. Since all the photos are in a digital format you can do whatever you like with the CD such as making prints to frame or create your own Photo Album for the coffee table. If you want to share you photos with friends/relatives/the world, then arrangements can be made to either have your own image gallery website setup or include the event photos on this site. Feel free to use the Contact Form for more details and to see if coverage is available for your event.

About the Ordering Process

Most of the pictures on this site are not available for sale, however it doesn't hurt to ask. If there is something you like, please use the Contact Form to get in touch and don't forget to include the event title with picture numbers. Most of the time we can honor a request depending on what you are looking for from the event. The three most basic options are full resolution (300 dpi @ $5 each), high resolution (150 dpi @ $3 each) or website-resolution (72 dpi @ $1 each). Each option will include the photo requested WITHOUT the watermark and frame that you see in the image gallery.


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